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damien noll


Drawing with sunlight

My work is Solar Pyrography. I use the sunlight to draw. My tools are the Sun and a Magnifying lens.
Focusing the sun with various powered magnifying lenses produces a burning ’stylus’ of varying size.
It is a totally green, and transportable art, It needs no material other than sunlight and something burnable to focus upon.
Anything that burns is potential material.

My latest work is solar pyrography on animal skulls and bones, boar, beaver, cat, cow, coyote, deer etc.
Many of these skulls were processed by me from animals passed to me by local hunters in Southern France, Colorado, and Texas. In processing the animal skulls, one becomes intimate with these animals. I take them through the entire process, from life to death and back again. Sometimes along that way a hearty meal is the outcome.

The final markings on their skull, like a tattoo, are individual to each one. The markings become a sort of outfit for passage onto the next, more ghostly realm. The immaterial rays of sunlight giving new context, new meaning, new life,, to what would otherwise be forgotten lives.

It’s a resurrection of sorts.




2016 damien noll - sundrawn

X4 verso